Monday, 17 March 2014

Lace Cover Up!

This was a look I came across while drooling over Harpers Bazaar's collection of Paris Fashion Week best street style. You can find the article here.

I just loved the lace cover-up so much. Such a simple item that would add to any outfit that needed layering.
Also I have a thing for black on black on black which is why I'm so obsessed.

So then I thought why not make my own, you know since couture is just a little out of my budget.

   So off I went to Hickeys.

And picked up a pile of black lace.
Well 2 meters to be exact.
I didn't know what length garment I was going to make so I said its better to be safe than sorry.

Step 1: 
Lay the material flat out on the ground. Best to have a flat surface when cutting fabric. 
Fold the material over on itself,matching the ends. 
This will mean that you will only have to measure one side when cutting.

The only awkward thing about cutting material on the ground is that you might get some unwanted help, who are just too curious to stay away.

Step 2:
When pinning out the garment.
Measure 30cm form the edge of the fabric and mark with a pin.  This will be the back of the piece measuring 60cm across when unfolded. Pin all the way across to the 30cm mark.


Step 3:
Measure Down 15 cm and back in 15 cm. 
Pin the entire way down and across. 
It will look remotely sleeve like if done right! LOL.

Step 4: 
Measure the folded seam down to 100cm. This will be the length of the garment and pin.

Step 5:
Cut it out! :P

Step 6:
Tiny bit of a cheat now. Just pin the folded cut out piece to the other side of the fabric(which should also be folded) Pin it down and cut around it.

Step 7:
Pin the edges of the pieces together inside out. 

Step 8:
Hand stitch the sides together. I know it looks like it might take a while but it's quick and easy.

Step 9:
Mark the halfway point on front of your newly sown piece. 
Cut straight down to the bottom of your garment and voila you are done.

And wear it well.
Will post a picture of my new cover up as part of an OOTD very soon. 

Friday, 28 February 2014

OOTD - 28.2

 OOTD - COS Dress(bought in the wonderful Siopaella), Clarks Boots, and my favorite Acne Leather Jacket( also sourced in the wonderful Siopaella)

I have a bit of an issue being so short that things often overwhelm me, especially when I wear colourful prints like this COS Dress.
That's why it's so handy being a bit nifty with a needle and thread. 
The dress was coming down to below knee level on me and I was avoiding wearing it because I found that unflattering.
So Wednesday evening I took the dress up about four inches, this might seem a lot but I'm only 5'4(if even). 
You can see the very noticeable difference here in the before and after.

Meaning Yeaaaaaaa I have knees again. 

So that's it, my lazy Friday Outfit!
Happy Smiles.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

OOTD - 26.2

 #OOTD - Vintage Hounds-tooth Coat(picked up in Paris), Clarks Boots, Beautiful Beret (Gift from my precious sister) and little home made collar.

  Here is a close up of my fab new beret. A lovely gift all the way from Lyon, from my sister.
 After I sadly missed an opportunity to visit her, she sent this home with my parents.
She knows me well, such a great gift. Love it!

My Outfit.

Taking inspiration from the 90's. The look is so Clueless.

Can consignment make ethical fashion sexy?

When I think fashion I think....creativity, empowerment ,sex and ever changing.
I know it makes me an awful, unsocially conscious person but I don't think where did this come from?
Who suffered to make this?
Even though it's not acceptable to say that.
The reality is we are all fickle creatures, some of us are just more readily willing to admit it.

The problem is that ethical fashion has a connotation in people's minds that's it's hideously unfashionable and not very exciting.
So we don't rush to partake in the latest strive towards sustainability, unless it's fronted by a celebrity.
People want their shopping experience to be pleasure filled not reeking of social guilt. 

For the past six months I have been working in a clothes consignment business, Siopaella. 

Consignment is where you bring in all your pre-loved clothes, that are still in good condition, and the shop resells them, sharing with you a nice margin. 
You get a chance to clear out your wardrobe and make a profit from your unused clothes.
 The split is dependent on the store. Your new found wealth can be used to update your wardrobe with this seasons pieces, or just whatever you have been lusting after.
 Making your shopping experience guilt free as you know you're not using up next months rent! LOL.

It will also make you more responsible when buying, as you buy with the idea of selling on, so you're probably going to stop spending 100 euro on crap at Penneys but instead buy those key classic pieces that won't fall apart in the wash.

The shop will vet your things and decide what they think would sell and how much it would go for.
Making you money and the clothes you are no longer wearing go to a new home. 

On the other hand, buying from a consignment store means you can have the fashion items you have always wanted at a fraction of the cost.Think of it as aspirational shopping, getting what you want in a way you can afford. Makes sense to me.

For those who are thinking uugggh second hand. I feel that once you have shopped at a consignment store, you are at a lose as to how you existed without it, but there is some resistance still out there. This resistance is ignorance, just the few people left who are afraid of what they don't know.

Essentially I think consignment may be the key to letting people shop sustainably while still have the sexy excitement of the high street. It is basically recycling, less clothes going to landfill and getting a prolonged life.Ethical fashion covers such a broad scope of issues that we can't target all at once but this certainly seems a proactive solution to over consumption.The shopping is still all about the clothes but the life of the clothes are prolonged and waste and consumption are reduced.

Win/win from all aspects if you ask me but after all these are just my rambling thoughts! 

What do you think?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cute little Collar

So this would have been perfect for Valentines Day but better late than never.

Made this little cutie on my day off work. 
So perfect for wearing with tshirts and dresses. 

I got a gift of these Cath Kidston buttons. So adorable and since I wasnt making anything that needed buttons I went in search of an old white shirt.

And I stumbled across this crisp white one. 

Gave it a quick iron, and chopped off the collar as close and neatly to the seam as possible. 

Close it over to make sure it still holds it's shape. And spray with a little bit of starch if you have it. This will keep it stiff. 

Line your first buttons on the point of each corner and sow them on.

Use a thick needle an white thread as this can be a little tricky because the material is thick at this point. 

Once you are happy with the buttons being lined up, sow on the others. Three in each corner. 

So cute! 

It's that's simple and then your done! 

Gonna use this to break up all my black today! This is extremely easy an very quick, give it a try! 

Mwah! Xx 

Final Count to Health Kick Round 1 2014

So here I am very close to the end of my 21 days chocolate and gluten free.

And suprisingly it was not as difficult and I initially thought it would be. 

The only time I truly suffered was when I was hungover and would have loved just to eat crap food to get over my suffering ha! LOL

But apart from that it was fine, the day to day of it was grand apart from the odd time throughout the 21 day period. 

Definitely see an improvement in my skin and have lost a few pounds aswell. Nothing major but all steps to a healthier happier me! 

So this is my last day I'm just going to breeze through it and will look forward to my cheat day this week. 

Then will start Health Kick Round 2, going with clean eating again! 

Counting this one as a success! 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Moustache you a question?

Started out with a kiss...... Ok no it didn't it started out with a moustache keyring that's blossomed in a fruitful romance with a moustache book.

              Le Moustache book

                       Le Keyring 

And that my friends is how we got here to my best purchase of 2014 my moustache umbrella. 

          This one right here is true love! 

Now all I need is a man with a moustache! #jokenotjoking

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Week 2 Health Kick Challenge

Well, who would have thought I could make a week without any sweets or chocolate at all! I certainly didn't and was lining myself up for failure nicely! But attitude is everything and I managed it fine. 

It wasn't until I had a long,not so great, day that I craved the sweet stuff. Perhaps this is a key that I emotionally eat sweets. Not good but hey it takes 21 days to break a habit right and only 14 more to go. :) So far I'm not struggling but I won't jinx myself just yet. 

As far as the no gluten thing goes I'm not finding it hard at all, actually very easy to do. There are so many alternatives that after a few days you don't even miss it! 

A typical days food would include:

Breakfast- gluten free porridge for breakfast with a pear and a banana. 

Lunch- a salad usually including some fish or chicken and either chickpeas or quiono and lots of veg. 

Snack 1- bag of popcorn

Snack 2 - an apple and an orange.
This is usually for my post work train journey. If I have something healthy I'm less likely to snack on crap foods

Dinner- fish or meat with loadsa of veg and either a potatoe or gluten free pasta. 

So far so good on the food front but I definitely need to up my number of workouts as I'm only doing two/three a week. I am hoping to get this up to four in the coming week. 

Haven't actually weighed myself but have noticed my skin is better and I feel healthier, less stomach bloating etc. So ultimately all postives so far, beginning to see why all the internet health freaks do this eating clean. :P 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Do you like my week in Lipstick?

Taking the trout pout to a whole new level right! 
     This is my week in lipstick, all matte and all mac shades! MWAH

Wednesday, 5 February 2014